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Utah Power Credit Union

Utah Power Credit Union is a special little credit union in the heart of the west. I know, I know, some of you might hear "credit union" and your eyes roll into the back of your head but take a gander. They’re special because they don’t actually need to entice or try and accumulate future members, they cater to and take (very good) care of a super important population of power workers in the Utah, Wyoming and surrounding areas. Members need only be with a partner power company or a family member of a power employee and they’re automatically eligible for incredible rates and services that other, larger banking establishments would never be able to maintain and/or offer.



As the lead designer on the UPCU team, I was in-charge with redesigning both their marketing and online banking experience. I collaborated with my design director and Senior UX designer and together we were able to focus heavily on improving their user experience. We didn’t need flashy, sales-y content on the public facing/marketing side of things, instead, we wanted to bring their old, 90’s table-style site, that members were currently using for their online banking into the current century. We started by identifying pain points with UPCU members, what they use most when banking online with Utah Power and how to streamline the process into something new but familiar.


Banking is Boring

Yah, sure. Especially when you're not in a position to be catering to the general public. There's a trend of trying to make banking "sexy" and that's great but it still needs to be friendly, familiar and at the very least, informative. With such an active client base, a community of doers and some of the best rates I think I've ever seen, we set out to make UPCUs customers even happier.


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Money Talks

Money is a scary subject in a lot of regards, so change things too dramatically and users become uncomfortable. Positive feedback, subtle animations and focus helps the new online banking experience not feel quite as scary.

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We researched competitors, we reflected on our own banking experiences and crafted an intuitive, accessible user interface. You can check out the public-facing portion of the site,  but above is the private/online-banking portion of the site as the team imagined it.