Interactive Design & Photography

Twenty Two Home

The sister company of Snake River Interiors, this e-commerce platform is the retail side of the SRI design team. Creative Director, Julie Dery of Saltworks led the inititive, along side Claire Owen Adams, while I led the web portion. Clean minimalism, inspired by the likes of Schoolhouse Electric and Kinfolk. Located in Jackson, WY, this is your stop shop for all your cowboy chic furnishing desires.


The Homepage

The homepage is meant to sprinkle a little of everything into that initial hit of the site. You have a curated collection in the hero space, new or featured products immediately below that, categories of products and then SRI/22Home's killer Instagram page.

It takes a refined sense of taste to exhibit such a selection of products and that's what makes this site so special. You appreciate aesthetic, you'll appreciate this site.


Shop the Look

Shop the look is meant to be a curated collection of product offerings within a specific genre. They're featured on the homepage and click-through to corresponding product walls. 


Photography courtesy of Lindley Rust out of Jackson, WY.