Interactive Design & Photography

Summit Financial

Self-procalimed as the "fun off-campus party at Harvard", this boutique wealth management firm out of Gig Harbor, WA needed a little facelift. Again, under the creative direction of Julie Dery of Saltworks—and copy assistance from Andrew Dickson—our tight-knit team worked closely with the client to bring this knowledgable, hilarious team into the modern age. I tackled the web and UX, while Julie developed the full-breadth of branded swag and Andrew handled all the copy needs.


Option 1

I don't necessarily consider myself a logo designer but when I do dabble, there always seems to be some sort of natural inspiration. The topography of nearby Mt. Rainer provided the inspiration for this lil gem. 


Option 2

Typography, not to be mistaken with topography is something I do love to nerd out about. The personality text can take on just from swapping a font family facsinates me. 


Option 3

Geometry, another one of my favs. I pay homage to the golden ratio with a tatoo on my bod but this is just a simple, graphic moon/mountain illustration. It's a little too avant garde for this client though.