Interactive Design & Photography

Agency redesigns are never fun. I’ve witnessed a solid three or four now and all parties involved always claim there’s too many cooks in the kitchen. It’s a constant battle to appease everyone whilst challenging the current norms. It gets mighty monotonous, super quick.

Matt Anderson, CEO of the major corporation, came to me late in 2017 with a secret project—revamp the current site but this time, without the oversight and heady input from ALL of the partners, CDs and designers. Bit of a daunting task if you ask me but with (SO much) help from a brilliant interactive designer, Kaleena Chung, we dug in.

I worked on establishing the overall organization. Kaleena blew out the look and feel and we, collectively, collaborated with this rad-ass Squarespace dev, Brandon Kitajchuk. The resulting comps are below and feature a distinctive solution between case study and one-off “project” which we, at Struck, had previously struggled with. Check out the live site.

Love. Fight. Adapt.