Interactive Design & Photography

Narrative Northwest

Narrative Northwest is a small, women-owned communications shop / “un-agency” focused primarily on the food and beverage industry—but with hands in the travel/tourism, hospitality and conservation cookie jars. They approached me looking for a logo and a website to tell their story and together, we created a boutique lil brand and a simple web presence that are both heavily influenced by their home, Portland and the maker/foodie culture that exists in the surrounding PNW.


One-Page Wonder

When NNW tapped me for a site, we didn't have a ton to run with... They were looking for something simply, easy—a platform to build from. Enough to show what they do and who they work for but with a little more personality. Add some snarky copy and their latest office jams and you have this clean cut, lil parallax gem.


Who needs business cards anyway?

Working in the food & bev industry NNW was in a pretty little position to break the mold that is traditional biz cards. If you see any random coasters stamped with the NNW branding around town, you'll know that these fine ladies were at your local watering-hole.

Photos courtesy of (read, stolen from) Rachelle Hacmac @ Lil Zesty Creative. She's a bad ass food photog, scope it out.