Interactive Design & Photography

Jack in the Box

Having worked on the previous rendition of, it’s amazing to see just how far they’ve come. Their new .com focuses heavily on the personality of the brand—which brings their food to the forefront, with something the design team coined “food-porn”. We took their previous fixed-width site and created a dynamic, 50-50, framed web site for a very curious user-experience of overlays, scrolls and animation. For all of 2016 and most of 2017, everything that was on their site, passed through me. 

Mobile First

The site was designed mobile first since 68% of Jack in the Box traffic came from various mobile platforms. We started with a landscape tablet orientation and iterated down to mobile translations, prior to even looking at how interactions would happen on desktop. The 50-50 split is interesting because it allowed us to bring a large amount of content, higher-up on the screen; hero, glamor-shot, primary navigational items—left. Secondary, images, content, CTAs—right. Food, first. All the other noise, content and promotional space is secondary.