Interactive Design & Photography

Creminelli Fine Meats

Two-plus years ago I came on board with the Creminelli team as a production designer. Over the course of those couple of years, I went from photoshopping their digital banners to redesigning the entirety of their web presence . Along the way, I’ve helped ideate on new campaign concepts, storyboard a :30 pre-roll spot and redesign their packaging. The following breadth of work are all examples of my contribution to Creminelli’s evolution and their continued growth within the charcuterie industry.


"Pairs well with…" was the previous campaign my CD and senior copywriter had cooked up prior to me coming on board. It was a (successful) way of democratizing charcuterie, making it accessible to any/everyone, not just the boujie, upper-class that one would assume, only consumes fine cured meats. The Pairs Well With campaign was an attempt to insert charcuterie into our daily lives. Instead of party platters, it became an afternoon snack. Instead of a special treat, it became a post-work source of protein.

Snack Differently

"Snack, differently" was a campaign concept that I brought to life for a client conversation. It hasn't actually been disseminated but utilizes a lot of the same thinking that you currently see on the redesign. It is the evolution of "Pairs Well With..." creatively showing & telling viewers the various ways to enjoy Creminelli in their everyday lives. Redesign


Before (circa. 2015)

The redesign was something that we’d discussed with their internal team for a while. Starbucks had recently decided to partner with the Salt Lake City based charcuterie company, and upon doing so, Creminelli thought, "well shit, we should probably update our website." A temporary landing page was built to greet the increased traffic while their team geared up for a full-site redesign.


Before (circa. 2016)


Creminelli brought us a sitemap and with the help from a senior writer/art director, the CD, our lovely UX brain and a killer producer, we started brainstorming how to bring this brand into the modern era. The web design portion took about 4weeks of pixel pushing and after a extremely happy client approved the look and feel, the team pushed forward into content creation, where I helped direct and shoot the visuals to then be plugged into the final live site.

After (2017)


This is a motion study for the devloper to reference when building the Creminelli Product Detail Pages.



Pairs Well With... Pre-Roll

The final pre-roll video. Special thanks to @struck,  @coonsatron and @chrisgeorge05 for letting me use their BTS pics.