Interactive Design & Photography

Yo, I'm Jordan

Web designer, interaction designer, UX/UI, visual design—you name it, I'll make it happen. I live and work in the PNW. I'm a listener, an observer, and a level-headed workhorse. My heart is in photography and my mind is in design. Most commonly found deep in thought and highly caffeinated.

Grab a cup?


About Me

Interactive Designer and Photographer, originally out of Cleveland, Ohio. I studied Visual Communication Design at the University of Dayton prior to moving to Portland, OR. I push pixels and I push buttons. I ski, I hike, I drink wine and coffee and I’ll hit a yoga class every once in a while.

I chose this industry a long time ago because I wanted to get paid to “create”—not just digital things, but physical things, things that evoke an emotion—something you can touch and feel, bring to life and ultimately use. While I’m still finding my preferred creative niche, I think the compilation of work here is a decent demonstration of the competencies I've fostered over the years.

My title is “interactive designer”, and I could sit here and talk clichés about how we’re problem solvers and Photoshop magicians but none of that really matters. I fill voids, that's it. I execute across digital and print touch points. I'll design an entire website and then fill all the content production. I follow directions and while I’m not going to claim to be your next Swiss Army Knife of design chops and refined taste, l will be the clay that you shape and mold into any and every task you throw my way. I have an active inclination towards that one verb, “create”. You give me an opportunity to show you my tenacity and I’ll dish out the works.